Thursday, March 22, 2012

First Green Tortoise Hostel Adventure

     My first night at the hostel was quite enjoyable.  I hung-out in the smoking parlor most of the night as it was livelier than the common area where most of the people sat and read or watched the television.  I met quite a few people most of whom were European.  I enjoyed their accents and at that moment I knew that I wanted to travel abroad.  The females were breathtaking and I enjoyed watching them roll their own cigarettes.  Most of these Europeans were traveling for months at a time and I wondered how one could do that.  I tried to gather as much information about the details of their trips and the process by which they manage to travel for so long.  I decided that maybe I too could do the same one day.     I went to bed quite late that night.  I awoke at one point as the room was uncomfortably hot and humid.  I looked around the room and saw that there were two females sleeping in the bunk across from mine clad only in their panties.  Both were lying on their stomachs and the sight of their bare backs and firm butts gave me a nice boner.  I wanted to jerk it right then and there, but I caught sight of something that made me go limp.  I looked around to make sure no one was watching me as I contemplated performing this sinful deed when a pasty white ass caught my attention.  In the bunk perpendicular from mine lay a naked male, but only his ass poked-out from the sheet that covered the rest of his body.  The moonlight seemed to reflect its brightness for only me to see.  He was an Irish fellow who I met on the bus and is ass was the only thing I pictured as I fell asleep.
     I awoke late that morning and after a lukewarm shower I went to the kitchen for a cup of complimentary coffee and then took a seat on the balcony for a smoke.  All of my bunkmates had already gone somewhere by the time I had awaken and I hadn’t seen anyone I met in the smoking parlor the night before, so I sat by myself and wondered what I was going to do with the rest of the day.  I knew I needed something greasy for this hang-over so I hit the street in search of food.  I found a diner down the road and had a cheap, but wonderful breakfast/lunch.  I took a walk after my meal to get a feel of the city.  The Washington Mutual Tower stood before me and I quickly took a liking to it.  It is nicknamed “The Spark Plug,” but I have no idea why.  It doesn’t look like that at all.  I strolled along and found the people to be very nice.  I felt comfortable in Seattle.  It is a very eco-friendly and artsy place.  I came upon the Rainier Tower which has a huge inverted pyramid as its base.  It stretched skyward somehow.  I didn’t like this building as it looked like a structure straight out of Brave New World.
     I also noticed the coffee shops.  So many coffee shops and stands everywhere.  I got my first ever Starbucks coffee and it was good.  I headed back to the hostel with my coffee where I took a seat on the balcony and had another smoke.  I met some newcomers and we chatted a bit before deciding on having a buffet dinner at the Indian restaurant across the street.  I had never eaten Indian food as I never really wanted to, but it was actually quite good.  It was only five bucks and all-you-could-eat.  I was very happy and grateful to have had that experience.  After dinner we headed back to the hostel where the staff had a sign-up sheet for a pub and art walk scheduled for later that evening.  Only ten bucks and that would get one into the museums and galleries along the walk.  I was up for that, especially since we would be stopping at the pubs as well.  When it was time to go, there were about twenty people ready for some booze and art.
     Our first stop was a pub near the Seattle Art Museum or SAM where we shared some pitchers of beer.  By the time we made it to SAM I was quite buzzed.  The only work of art that I remember was Sea Change by Jackson Pollock.  I remember standing before it for quite some time.  We weren’t there for very long as everyone just wanted to go to another bar.  We made our way down the street and found a cool bar and ordered a few more pitchers.  Somehow I met a French gal that was a part of the group.  We started to talk about literature and that grew into a romance that I had never anticipated.  Sophie was her name and she had been studying literature in Iowa of all places and teaching French at the university as well.  She was now traveling the U.S. for the summer.  I love literature and it was my best subject in high school so we had quite a bit to talk about.  I was just talking out of my ass when she asked me about Hemingway, her favorite author.  I was buzzed and I said he was over-rated, but that seemed to attract her to me even more.  I was unemployed and only good for manual labor with no real passion for anything, but she seemed to have seen something in me or she was just drunk.
     We hung-out in the smoking parlor at the hostel after the pub slash art walk.  She set my heart and mind afire.  We talked about art and literature and travel and our dreams.  I felt that I could be more than just blue-collar.  I could attend college and set my sights higher than I ever thought I could.  We ended up making out with a little dry humping in between and then we held one another until the sun came up.  While people were waking up and getting ready for a new day, we kissed goodnight and went to our respective rooms for some much needed sleep.  Both of us slept until mid-afternoon and then met up again for lunch/dinner.  I was quite taken with her and I was really happy for the first time in a long time.