Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hippy Bus, Cow Creek and the Green Tortoise Hostel

     I awoke still shivering as the bus pulled into the woods.  The tour company owns some land near a creek where fellow adventurers could come and relax and enjoy the great outdoors.  We stopped here for a couple of hours for a much needed breakfast.  It was of course the typical vegetarian, hippy type fare: blueberry pancakes, fruit salad and granola.  It was very communal where folks were encouraged to get involved in the preparation and serving and the clean-up of the whole affair.  It was quite fun, but also a little annoying as mostly everyone was vegetarian and/or a hippy.  I have nothing against Vegans or hippies really, but they do tend to be a bit arrogant about their lifestyle and sometimes preachy; similar to religious groups or cults.  I believe I was just being a tad pissy as I hadn’t slept much and a hearty breakfast was what I really wanted.  I mean c’mon, meat is good!  Granola is no substitute nor is tofu bacon.      After breakfast some of us headed down to the creek where we could strip and take a dip in the frigid water.  I wasn’t sure at first as I had never skinny-dipped with strangers looking on.  I felt scummy from being on that bus, so I stripped and jumped in.  It was freezing and I was relieved that none of the females were able to see what was left of my manhood as it had retreated into my body somehow in search of warmth.  It felt wonderful washing away all the hippy grime though.  Afterwards I went into the sauna on the bank of the creek where several more nude travelers sat absorbing the heat.  It was very thrilling.  I couldn’t help looking at the females like a child eyeing candied apples at the fair.  I struggled not to give away my excitement as my manhood decided to make an appearance with utmost vigor.
     I finished my sauna session and dressed and went up to the campground completely renewed.  I took a seat at the blazing fire pit with a cup of tea.  A joint was being passed around and I partook as I am not averse to its soothing affects.  Everyone chatted away about their lives and the circumstances that brought them to the woods of Oregon.  I wasn’t sure if anyone felt as I had.  I felt lost and out of place.  Everyone else seemed to have a good sense of who they were and their purpose in life.  I suppose that is why I travel when I can as I am still searching for those answers.  We boarded the bus and headed north to Seattle.  I had no clue as to what was next, but I did know that I wanted to take this trip again.
     The last leg of the drive was fun, although I still had a little anxiety as this would be my first time staying in a hostel and really my first time in a new city all alone.  We played cards and chatted as the bus rolled into the city.  It was late afternoon when the bus dropped us off at the hostel.  A few of us scampered up to the second floor where we checked-in and got our room assignments.  I opted for the six-bunk, co-ed dorm as I have no problem with female bunkmates.  I found my room which was empty of anyone, but obviously there were signs that people were residing there.  I threw my pack on an empty bottom bunk and then checked it for comfort.  I then left the room to take a look around to get my bearings.  The hallway was hot and humid.  The bathrooms I found to be somewhat clean.  I made my way to the common area where there were several people sitting around tables and booths reading or talking or looking over maps and guidebooks.  There was a television broadcasting the local news and a few people were making dinner in the communal kitchen.  I took a quick inventory of it and found it quite cluttered with everything one would need to make a meal.
     The windows of the kitchen looked out onto a narrow balcony about ten yards long where some folks sat as they drank beer and smoked.  The view was not particularly great.  It was of a small parking lot with a partial view of 2nd street.  Cattycorner from the kitchen and balcony was the smoking parlor.  There was a beat-up leather couch, a coffee table and another small table with five or six chairs.  A ventilator above a pad-locked fridge hummed quietly as it filtered out the cigarette smoke.  It did nothing to eliminate the odor of tar and nicotine, but it was a cozy place where the outcast smoker could enjoy his or her habit.
     After my exploration of the hostel I headed out in search of food.  I just grabbed some fast food and wolfed it down.  I then headed to the liquor store and bought a six pack of beer.  It was quite convenient as it was only about twenty feet from the hostel.  I went back to my room, got some fresh clothes and toiletries and headed for the showers.  As I walked down the corridor a very cute and wet blonde girl stepped out from one of the bathrooms with only a towel wrapped around her.  I watched her as she made her way down the hall and into her room.  I decided that I was going to like hosteling.