Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Prelude to First Hostel Experience

     The debut of this blog may have been premature.  I realize that it is going to be difficult to fill blog posts with interesting accounts of our progress toward our goal of initiating the hostel environment experiment since everything has been done.  All has either been sold, given away or stored.  The condo is spic and span.  The much needed credit cards for the trip have been paid so they can be utilized again.  Our packs are half-packed and ready for the rest of the necessities we will need on the trip.  And our airline tickets have been purchased which is a miracle; a Christmas gift from Ophelia’s parents.  Now we are just waiting until Ophelia is laid-off and the auction of the condo takes place which should occur around the same time.  We must also wait for the buyer to offer the incentive check which will help in our endeavor.  Cash for keys is what they call it and I hope it comes through before our departure date arrives.      The tickets that Ophelia’s parents bought us are open-ended so we can return whenever we like, but we must leave on the date and time specified and I fear that we may be cutting it close.  Regardless of that, I am still grateful for their generosity.  I have a suspicion that it is just their attempt at facilitating the dissolution of Ophelia and I’s engagement, but I am going to be naïve and believe they did it out of the kindness of their hearts.  I’d rather not be cynical or negative at a time when things are finally going our way.  I don’t want to jinx it by thinking or feeling pessimistically.  It’s a new year and I want to wash away all the negativity from my soul and replenish it with only thoughts and feelings of optimism.  I know my new found philosophy will be tested on the morning of the auction, but I will remain steadfast.  I may waver a bit when the notice to surrender and vacate the property arrives as it will be final confirmation that we have truly lost our home, but my resolution to be nothing but positive will prevail.
Now I will relate my first journey and hostel experience.  If at the end of this tale I find that we are still awaiting departure, I will add journal entries from my past travels in the hope that you remain a follower of my blog.  Thank you for your loyalty and patience.